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Do your friends

owe you money?

👉 Pengo is 100% free, mobile and secure!

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Pengo knows that you prefer having fun with your friends rather than asking them for money or sending reminders. Relax and have fun, Pengo will take care of that for you.
For example, it can be useful when you share drinks with friends 🍹.

Owed money? Get it back in 3 steps

1. Search for Pengo in Messenger and
talk to him

2. Tell Pengo the amount, reason and destination of the money

3. Relax, Pengo gets your friends
to pay you back,
however they prefer


Thank you for your feedbacks!

Simple, user-friendly product. Looking forward to future iterations!


Easy to use. Would recommend definitely !


Getting my money back has been never that easy, seriously! You guys turned an awkward process into a game.


Why use Pengo?


Only a few steps to create your payment request or your Moneypot.


Your personal data is encrypted. Security audits are performed regulary to ensure that your data is protected.


No need to download an app nor to create an account.


No matter which bank you are

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